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Minecraft Sells Over 11.5 Million Copies

Minecraft screen shotIt’s no surprise that Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Now we can officially say it’s one of the most popular PC video games of all time. With the game now having sold over 11.5 million copies, Minecraft has secured it’s place as the 5th best selling video game in history. The only other games that have had more sales are The Sims 2, The Sims, Diablo 3 and Half-Life 2. With the rapid growth and success of Minecraft, we will likely see the title break into the top three within the next year or two. If you were to add in sales from all other versions of the game (PC, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox 360) then Minecraft could already be the best selling game of all time!

Creating Your Own Minecraft World

One of the biggest challenges for Minecraft players is to actually enjoy their real lives when they are not running around, mining and running from Creepers in the digital world. For times like these you can always introduce real life Minecraft products into your life, whether it be an awesome poster on your wall, Steve action figures on your desk or even a Minecraft Creeper Head to scare the heck out of your parents.

Below you will find some of the most sought after costumes, collectibles and toys for Minecraft players.

Minecraft Steve HeadCountless hours of Minecraft tend to blur line between reality and voxels. Toss one of these Steve heads on your melon and pay close attention to the reactions you receive. If you see someone staring at you, rubbing their bloodshot eyes in disbelief, they probably just got off a 16 hour mining bender.

Minecraft Foam SwordHeroes are not born: they are built. Some may rise to the task of fending for themselves in a strange land beset by countless dangers, but not all will charge forward, helmeted head held high as they valiantly challenge those that would do them harm. Every miner is given a chance to survive… but only a special few will ever really live.

Minecraft Foam Pick AxeWith this foam Pickaxe, you can stand atop a tall bluff and survey the lands before you as they stretch to the horizon and beyond. You can say to yourself “Mine, all mine,” as you imagine the untold riches awaiting you beneath the soil. You are the master of all that is, with the power to destroy all that you see or create breathtaking wonders. Wield your Pickaxe wisely, proud miner, and bend the world to your will.

Minecraft Foam Sword and Pickaxe ComboWhen setting out on an adventure, an experienced miner wisely prepares for the many trials that lay ahead. Frightening foes and perilous pitfalls wait for you in the dark caverns beneath the soil, and all of them are eager to send you fleeing back to base. Equip yourself with the Adventurer’s Item Bundle and stand ready for whatever dares to cross your path. Pack includes both the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe and the Minecraft Foam Sword.

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